No, there were no clashes in Kisumu following the Supreme Court’s verdict. - iVerify Kenya

No, there were no clashes in Kisumu following the Supreme Court’s verdict.


The images in the post are from various scenes that occurred.

There have been no reports of protests in Kisumu following the supreme court ruling on September 5, 2022, as businesses in the County continued to operate normally without any disruptions or violence. Motorists continued with their business a long Kondele road and Kenyatta Avenue.

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Verified Sep, 07 2022


Images from Kisumu after the Supreme Court confirmed William Ruto as Kenya’s President-elect.

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The iVerify Network of Fact-Checking Desks has fact-checked this content and established that it is False.

To arrive to this conclusion, the iVerify Network of Fact-Checking Desks has conducted the following process. We reverse-imaged the four photos and discovered they were from different incidents.

We discovered that the first image of a police officer firing tear gas at supporters of Azimio presidential candidate Raila Odinga was captured on August 15, 2022 in Kisumu and shared in an article by Al Bawaba, a news, blogging, and media website based in Amman, Jordan, following the country’s presidential election results, which sparked protests and allegations of vote rigging.

The second and third images were taken on November 17, 2017 and shared in various articles shortly after Kenyan presidential candidate Raila Odinga returned to Kenya from a 10-day trip to the United States, where he visited think tanks and sought support for his contention that new elections must be held under the supervision of a revamped election board.

The last image of demonstrators escaping from tear gas was captured in an article by RIA Novosti (Russian: овоcти), a Russian state-owned domestic news agency, on May 16, 2016, when Kenyan police used tear gas gas and water cannons to disperse protesters in Nairobi calling for the dissolution of the Independent Electoral and Boundaries Commission (IEBC). This came after demonstrators began throwing stones at law enforcement officers.

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