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No, US President Joe Biden has not condemned homosexuality.


The video circulating on social media purporting to show US President Joe Biden rebuking homosexuality is manipulated.

In the original video, Biden announced that the US will send 31M1 Abrams battle tanks to Ukraine to aid in its fight against Russia.

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Verified Feb, 08 2023


US President Joe Biden tells homosexuals that they will never be real women because they lack aa womb, ovaries, and eggs, and that their parents are ashamed of them.

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The iVerify Network of Fact-Checking Desks has fact-checked this content and established that is Misleading.

To arrive to this conclusion, the iVerify Network of Fact-checking Desks has conducted the the following process. To determine the origin of the recording, we performed a Google reverse search on the video, which led us to NewsWest9, the official website for KWES-TV, Channel 9. The video, which was published and updated on January 25, 2023, shows US President Joe Biden announcing plans to send 31 Abrams tanks to Ukraine as part of its war against Russia.

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